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EPA Feedback Survey

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Introducing RFS2 Video Updates

Have a look at this short video to learn more about what we are doing at RINSTAR® to prepare for the New Advance Renewable Fuel Stanard (RFS2). You might want to also want to get a copy of “America Advances to Performance Based Fuels” White Paper in order to establish a good overall understanding of the program.

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RFS2 Workshop in Iowa

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association is co-hosting a workshop on RFS2 along with the National Biodiesel Board, the Renewable Fuels Association, Growth Energy, and the American Coalition for Ethanol on April 6th in Des Moines Iowa. I have been invited to present on the subject of RINs and the transition to the new EMTS database. Two EPA representatives will be present, along with industry experts to answer questions about RFS2 and the transition that is currently underway.

View a copy of the agenda here:

The deadline for registration is Friday, April 2. The form is available here:

If you are in Iowa at the conference, be sure an look me up.

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Download a web-ready version of the RINSTAR logo by clicking here.

Download a print-ready version of the RINSTAR logo by clicking here.

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Contact Us


Would you like more information about Clean Fuels Clearinghouse? You may contact us at 575-377-3369 or email us at

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RINSTAR® “The Renewable Fuel Registry”


RINSTAR® is the nation’s first and only third party renewable fuel registry. Through its interactions with hundreds of companies each day, RINSTAR® safeguards participating companies against invalid RINs while delivering the highest level of confidence available to the renewable fuel marketplace. The registry has facilitated over 12 billion gallon-RIN transactions since its inception.

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Coming Up Short

Coming Up Short

By: Kris Bevill
From the November 2009 Ethanol Producer Magazine


As the U.S. EPA ponders comments submitted in response to its proposed rule for the second stage of the renewable fuel standard, cellulosic biofuel producers wonder how they will produce enough fuel to meet a 2010 mandate, and what will happen to the industry if they don’t.

The U.S. EPA’s proposed rule for the second stage of the renewable fuel standard (RFS2) is filled with complicated issues that address everything from indirect land use impacts to definitions of feedstocks and greenhouse gas emission reduction rates. A final rule is not expected from the EPA until at least Dec. 1 and could possibly be delayed until next year due to the complexity of the issues being addressed. Nevertheless, in its proposal, the agency calls for 2010 mandate requiring 100 million gallons of cellulosic biofuel to be produced and, so far, there is no indication the agency plans to lessen the volume requirement.

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About Clean Fuels Clearinghouse

Clean Fuels Clearinghouse (CFCH) is best known as the home of RINSTAR®, the nation’s only private sector registry for renewable fuels and the associated credits known as Renewable Identification Numbers, or RINs. Interacting with over 500 companies throughout the renewable fuel supply chain daily, RINSTAR is recognized as the leader in the marketplace for RIN management and validation services. As a private sector, third party verifier, RINSTAR has conducted due diligence and facilitated the trading of over 12 Billion Gallon-RINs. The registry provides its membership with the highest level of confidence possible in the market for renewable fuel credits.

Respected throughout the industry as the thought leaders in the field of advanced renewables and low carbon fuels, CFCH interacts as a stakeholder with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and such state agencies as the California Air Resource Board (CARB). A combination of unique experiences and practical industry insight position CFCH to guide its clients through the challenges associated with regulatory change.

Clayton McMartin and Melissa Donovan founded CFCH in 2001 with the mission of “Delivering Business Solutions for Cleaner Fuels”. McMartin holds degrees in Petroleum and Chemical Engineering and Donovan a degree in Computer Science. For more information about CFCH contact us at 575-377-3369.

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Inaugural RINWorld Summit a Great Success

Inaugural RINWorld Summit a Great Success

RINWorld Summit

The RINWorld Summit was a great success, with companies from all over the United States, and in every sector of the renewable fuel industry attending.  RINSTAR® Members accounted for approximately 1/3 of the audience.

True to our word, the Summit was not a RINSTAR® user conference but instead a balanced perspective on the commercial implementation of the RFS.  Believe it or not, we didn’t even conduct a RINSTAR® demo. The content was substantial, with every presenter delivering useful information that the entire audience was able to benefit from.

Representatives from EPA provided all of us with some great insight; including when we can expect the new RFS2 to go into effect and what how the biodiesel standard will most likely be addressed in 2009.  The year 2009 will certainly be a challenging period – one that I have termed RFS1.5 as we transition between the original RFS and RFS2.

Considering the fact that the RFS is only in its first year, it was great to see all of the personal connections that were made at the event.  Since the program is so new, virtually no one in the audience had met each other in person, but most knew each other just by the sound of their voice.  When you consider the microcosm that the RFS professional works within, it was a great experience meeting so many people in one place who actually knew what a RIN was.

One thing that was particularly apparent is that there is a great need for more information about the RFS and the RIN program.  Recognizing this need, I am considering conducting a series of courses on various related subjects – What do you think about RIN University?  And I will be the RIN Master.  Maybe we could get some sweat shirts made up with RIN U Graduate.  In all seriousness, let me know if you are interested, I am hearing from lots of people who are.

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EPA Will Take More Time To Respond to RFS Waiver Request

EPA Will Take More Time To Respond to RFS Waiver Request

Author: Clayton McMartin

EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson issued a press release today addressing the long awaited decision to Governor Rick Perry’s RFS waiver request filed 88 days ago.  And the answer is, we need more time.

“Additional time is needed to allow staff to adequately respond to the public comments and develop a decision document that explains the technical, economic and legal rationale of our decision,” the EPA said in a news release on Tuesday July 22, 2008.  

According to testimony given by Principal Deputy Assistant Robert Meyers during the July 10, 2008 Senate Environment and Public Works hearing on implementation of the Renewable Fuel Standard, over 15,000 comments had been received by EPA on the waiver request. 

The administrator’s comments would indicate that EPA has yet to make a final decision on the matter, assuring the public through the press release that, “The process remains fair and open, and no agreements have been made with any party in regard to the substance and timing of the decision on the waiver request.”

According to Administrator Johnson, a final decision on the Texas Governor’s petition is expected in August.  No additional details were available.

Whatever the final decision, the impact to the renewable fuel supply chain will be significant.   Texas Governor Rick Perry will open the RINWorld Summit in Dallas Texas on October 16, where industry leaders and government official will convene to discuss and learn more about the cost effective implementation of the RFS.  

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